Lava FM radio

Lava FM radio

Sometimes all you need is the soothing sounds of your favourite and familiar radio station – it’s here and uncomplicated with the Lava FM Radio


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  • Product Description

    The Lava FM Radio is your perfect portable radio partner, uncomplicated and stress-free. Quite simply turn on and tune in you can listen to Radio 2 as you’re making lunch, XFM after a long day at work and Radio 5 Live in the garden while you’re doing the chores.

    Simplicity doesn’t mean a lack of style though, the Lava FM radio comes with a range of contemporary design features. The first and most striking, is the unique speaker grille design, available in a range of colours including; Blue, Cream, Purple and Teal. This FM radio is more stylish than your average portable.

    Finding the right station and adjusting your settings couldn’t be easier with the intuitive button configuration, which in an act of design genius, features easily understood symbols a good old fashioned set of arrow keys complimented by plus and minus icons. You’ve got no excuse for listening to Chesney Hawkes at full blast and blaming it on our radio.

    Additional features include the large LCD clock display to keep track of the time you’ve been dancing along to the radio and of course, go portable with the simple addition of 4 x AA batteries.

  • Key Features

    FM Radio - Auto-scan and listen to all your favourite stations on FM.

    Radio Presets - When you’ve found your favourite stations never lose them again, save them to one of ten available presets

    At Home or On The Go - Mains power or 4x AA batteries means you have the freedom to listen to what you want, when you want, where you want.

    Vibrant colour choices - Don’t be a bore, get a little colour in your life with a choice of vibrant shades – Blue, Cream, Purple and Teal.


    Functions: FM radio, speaker

    Radio Frequencies: 88-108 MHz (FM)

    Antenna: Telescopic

    Speakers: Single speaker (1.2 W Total output power)

    Bluetooth: No

    3.5mm Aux-in: Yes

    Technical Specification

    Operational voltage: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz

    Power consumption: 7 W

    Batteries: Yes - 4x AA batteries

    Width x Height x Dep: 130 x 130 x 45mm

    Weight: 0.330kg

    Warranty: 1 Year