Lava Dual Screen Portable & In-Vision car DVD Player Fox Bundle One

Lava Dual Screen Portable & In-Vision car DVD Player Fox Bundle One

Keep everyone entertained on the go or at home with the Lava Dual 9” widescreen portable and in-car DVD player.

  • Product Description

    Don’t live with boredom or the familiar call of “are we nearly there yet” for a second longer. The Lava dual 9” portable DVD player will keep boredom at bay; at home, in the car or anywhere else out and about. The dual screen's mean you won’t have kids arguing over the single screen, with two screens you can keep everyone happy. The versatile DVD player supports a wide range of movie and music formats so you’ll always be able to put on the right content to soothe the whole family. Rest assured that whatever you’re watching it will be bright and vivid with the premium TFT LCD Screen, and the audio will sound great with stereo speakers, but don’t worry there’s headphones too. On the go you can expect a battery runtime of circa 2.5 hours or in the car why not take advantage of the complimentary accessory pack which includes a head rest mount and in-car charger which means the entertainment can last as the whole journey including any inconvenient traffic jams along the way. You’re guaranteed to keep the family entertained with this upgrade to the DVD Player and Fox Movie Bundle which includes hours of top quality movies. You’ll find everyone smiling when you play a choice of; Ice Age 3, Robots, Fantastic Mr Fox or Chronicles of Narnia the Dawn Treader (All four movies in the box). At Lava we’re taking “entry-level” and giving it a new lease of life, affordable products which are innovative, exciting, colourful and reliable. All our products feature British design, engineering and support – specifically designed to your dream price without compromising on form or function.

  • Key Features

    Premium TFT LCD Screen - You’re guaranteed vivid images with the high quality screen, which also rotates to create a tablet style device

    Multi-format playback - Comprehensive support is offered for a wide range of Movie, Music and Photo formats

    Lithium-ion battery - You’ll be entertained for circa 2.5 hours on the go with the powerful rechargeable battery

    Dual channel stereo speakers - Movie soundtracks or simply music will sound great on the stereo speakers – but when it’s time for peace and quiet just plug in headphones.

    In-car connector kit - Ideal for long car journeys, the player can be connected to a standard 12V in-car power outlet


    Fucntions: Portable DVD Player, In-Car DVD Player, CD Player, Image Viewer

    Movie Bundle Included?: Yes

    Accessories Included: Carry case, car head-rest mount, AV cable conection kit, in-car connector kit, micro remote control and headphones

    Screen Size: 9 inch

    Sceen Technology: 2 Premium widescreen TFT LCD

    Speakers: Dual channel stereo

    Technical Specification

    Operational voltage: DC 9- 12 V

    Power consumption: ≦ 12W

    Batteries: In-built Lithium-ion (circa 2.5 hours runtime)

    Width x Height x Depth: Master Player - 26 x 19 x 4 cm Second screen 26 x 19 x 3cm

    Weight: 1.25 KG

    Warranty: 1 Year

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    My Lava tablet needs a firmware update/replacement firmware, can you provide this?

    Unfortunately we do not possess any firmware that we can provide for these devices at this time. Your device may need to be returned to the retailer.

    My Lava tablet requires repair – how can I arrange this?

    Unfortunately Lava tablets are now considered legacy devices and as such a repair from ourselves cannot be arranged. Your device may need to be returned to the retailer.